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Welcome to OQPoint

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Welcome to OQPoint

Welcome to OQPoint

OQPoint, is a US based software development company located in Seattle, Washington area that helps organizations design implement highest quality product. We provide software development, software quality assurance and outsourcing solutions. At OQPoint we focus on helping customers leverage technology in achieving real business benefits with outstanding quality. Our passion for quality will help you achieve your quality goals, business goals and financial goals without sacrificing the quality.
Our technical solutions

Our technical solutions focus on software development, software quality assurance, and outsourcing solutions.

Our staff

Our staff is dedicated on helping customers maximizing business benefits while minimizing time to delivery,but without compromising on quality.

Our passion

Our passion for quality is engineered into our process for client engagement and project execution. We understand that all client partners are different..

Our talent

Our talent is sourced through a trusted and protected network of top tier professional with demanding real-world experience...

President & CEO

"Mission First. Take care of your people. Adapt and overcome..."

These are just a few of the things I bring forward from my Military service into my corporate Life. The lessons I learned from my time served enlisted in the NAVY, and later as an Officer of Marines, created the the foundation on which I build the OQPoint solutions.
Our company is "in technology", but we are about people.... Applying human skills. We work to maximize human technical potential to solve human problems.
The modern, global, connected, and shrinking world of Talent, makes this a great time create, innovate and build... the best time ever!
Think of us as a global trusted and protected network of industry proven professionals.
We expect to have to prove ourselves on every engagement, and on every day.
- President & CEO


Team Lead

We are looking for a team lead to lead a team of talented software test engineers and software development engineers.

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Software Engineer

We are looking for a talented software engineer with software testing experience. You will be working with the world largest software company.

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